Top 10: Soundcloud Mixes

Have you checked out Soundcloud yet? Just in case my recent review of Soundcloud didn’t provide enough inspiration, allow me to pop a metaphorical cherry on top of the Soundcloud sundae via a trusty Top 10 playlist of my favourite Soundcloud mixes. All of the mixes below have been thoroughly road-tested and conveniently categorised into ideal listening environments. Check them out and see if you agree… Better yet- start your own Soundcloud journey and let me know some of your favourite finds.

1. For a phonically phenomenal trip down memory lane

Flight Facilities: The Decade Remixes

Whilst technically not a single mix, this 4-part playlist is nevertheless truly deserving of a spot in my top 10. Originally broadcast over 4 weeks as a part of Triple J’s Mix-Up segment, each hour-long set covers a decade in time from the late 20th century, beginning with 1972-1982 and concluding with 2002-2012. The sets not only mix in some of the biggest hits of the corresponding decades, but also include an interesting assortment of sound grabs from historical events that occurred during those periods.
(NB- Just discovered when I went to link to this playlist that it has been removed. Upon running a quick search- I found the following post from FF on their Facebook page: The Decade Mixes were removed from Soundcloud due to their new copyright policy. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like they’ll be coming back. But now you can enjoy them on YouTube complete with album covers and the historical photos…. Well darn- even so, I am going to include the Youtube link to the first of the mixes, and if you like what you hear, I suggest you search Youtube the other 3.)

2. For those About To Rock

Z-Trip: Titan Number One

If you like your old-school rock’n’roll and a good healthy dose of hip-hop and haven’t heard of Z-Trip before, do yourself a favor and check this set out. I defy you to keep the volume turned down.

3. For cruisin’ with your windows down

Barrio Katz- Super Sound Hitmix

OK- you’ve finally decided to heed my advice and check out this Soundcloud thing, but you’re concerned about having withdrawals from your favourite station- Gold FM…. Never fear- Barrio Katz has got you covered. There’s some seriously retro sounds floating around this mix. With the likes of Earth Wind & Fire, The Doors, RHCP and Prince all making an appearance, this set will have you singing out loud as you cruise the open freeways in this crazy journey we like to call life.

4. When you wanna get down… and get on up!

The Gaff: Skratch Bastid & The Gaff – Soul Sisters Stand Up

For some freakishly funky and seriously soulful sounds, you can’t miss this mix. Featuring vocals from some of the most well-known female artists from the 60s and 70s, including Aretha, Nina, Freda and Diana, this is a non-stop booty-shakin’ girl power celebration.

5. When too much funk is not enough

Fort Knox Five ft. Qdup: Four Deck DJ Set – 2015 Shambhala Mix

If funk is your thing, you’re in good hands with this superb mix from the breakbeat masters, Fort Knox Five. This 90 minute mix unleashes a funkified frenzy of boombastic breakbeats, blissful Bollywood and some old-school hip-hop for good measure. Keep an ear out for my favourite mashed-up sample in the set- when Public Enemy’s Bring the Noise meets the theme song from Knight Rider. Epic!

6. When you want to be the king of the DJ Selectas!

Krafty Kuts: A Golden Era of Breakbeats Vol. 1

This is probably the first mix I discovered on Soundcloud and the mix that got me started on my journey through the Soundcloud stratosphere. I put it on in my car and couldn’t remove the smile from my face the whole trip home. It brought back a flood of memories from a great time in my life, surrounded by an awesome group of friends and regular nightclub haunts with some of the best local DJs and MCs around mixing up many of the tracks that are included in this 60 minute mix (shout-out to the old Moon Bar gang!) I hope it elicits a similar joyous reaction for you.

 7.  For the best Friday afternoon drinks you’ll ever have

Skint Records: We are Skint presents Cut La Roc

Getting ready to head out on the town, or just enjoying a drink at home after a long week at work? Pop on this little doozie and you’ll have an instant party in your lounge room.

8. To kick your party into overdrive

Fatboy Slim: Mixmag Asia | Live in Bangkok | March 2015

This is another set that I seriously can’t get enough of. If you’re having a party and your guests just aren’t getting into the mood, consider this the pied-piper of the dance floor.

9. When it’s 3am and you’re not ready for bed

N2N: Burning Man 2015 Sunrise Set

As my cousin, best mate and official playlist co-tester commented, this set just makes you want to smile! I might be a little biased here, but after attending the festival that tops so many bucket-lists, and having danced in the Nevada desert covered in dust and surrounded by naked old men and girls with impeccable breasts, this mix really brings a barrage of awesome memories flooding back. I didnt personally catch this set whilst I was at Burning Man last year, but when I immerse myself in this behemoth 4-hour set, I find myself magically transported to that unforgettable place.

10. When it’s time to chill Winston!

ZHU: BBC Radio1 After-Hours Mix with Pete Tong

I often find myself popping on this blissful mix on a lazy Sunday morning or late night when I want some down time. Simply sit back, chill out and enjoy.

Well- there you have it- my top 10 Soundcloud mixes. Let me know which ones you like the most, or message me with your top picks. I always love to hear from you!

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