Top 10: Songs to get lost in

OK- I know what you’re going to say…. but seriously, I just went to have a quick nana-nap- seemed like my eyes were closed for all of 5 seconds, and when I opened them again, I had fallen down the rabbit hole and it took me a whole year to climb back out. To be truthful, I did stay down there a while and cause some mischief with the Hatter and that crazy cat with the big grin, but that’s beside the point. What’s important is that I’m back and ready to talk music!

Since we’re on the topic, let’s talk about the best songs for getting lost in. You know the ones- you close your eyes and you’re swept away to a magical destination, be it a place of adventure or solitude. Sometimes I fly above the clouds, sometimes I float among the colours of the rainbow, and sometimes I frolic with cute white bunnies on freshly cut green grass….. These songs are just a few of my favourites that take me to those dreamy places.

What are your favourite songs for getting lost in? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

10. Flight Facilities- Clair de Lune ft. Christine Hoberg

I can’t help but float away every time I hear this song. The dreamlike, somewhat haunting melody and ethereal vocals are just beautiful.

9. Santa Esmerelda- Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood

It may have been Kill Bill that revived my love of this song, but every time I hear it now, I cant help but find myself swept up in a daydream that involves a flurry of Flamenco dancing, a group of vivacious Mariachi players and a wayward donkey.

8. John Butler Trio- Valley

The first time I caught JBT live it was a truly profound experience. Crammed amongst a sweaty pack of wayward teens, I undulated between being completely spellbound by the earthy, tribal cyclone that was being unleashed in-front of me, and a feeling that my feet had just been hijacked by the spirit of B’rer Rabbit.

7. George Benson- On Broadway (Live)- from the album Weekend in LA

I do love George Benson, but this particular track on this particular album is absolutely my favourite. It clocks in at just over 10 minutes, and it’s a full 10 minutes of pure soulful bliss in which I don my purest white dancing shoes, place a pheasant feather in my hat and strut down the infamous stretch of pavement in Manhattan amidst a flurry of flashing bulbs and adoring fans.

6. Delerium- Silence ft. Sarah McLachlan

The remix of this song by Tiesto is the version that you can truly lose yourself in. At almost 12 minutes in length, you find your heart beating a little faster as it tries to keep up with the unrelenting rhythm, only to stop in it’s tracks to that celestial voice. A true roller coaster of feelings and emotions is contained within those 12 minutes!

5. Chemical Brothers- The Sunshine Underground

I’ve got to give it to the Chemical Brothers- they have been releasing mind-blowing music for almost 30 years and they are still pumping out hits. There are so many Chemical Brothers songs that I love, but this one starts off beautifully mellow and keeps on building until that massive explosion of sparks and light- raindrops of magic dripping softly upon your shoulders as you spin around and feel the warmth of the sun upon your face.

4. Parachute Youth- Can’t Get Better Than This

I just love this song- released back in 2012 by an Australian duo, it never fails to send my spirits flying!

3. Pink Floyd- Another Brick in the Wall Pt.1,2 and 3

OK, so technically not just one song, but it would be a travesty to split this masterpiece and would definitely deny the listener the full experience of the dark journey on which it elopes. “If you don’t eat your meat, you can’t have any pudding!”

2. The Prodigy- Weather Experience

It was a little tricky for me to stop at just one track from the Prodigy Experience album, because it’s always been one that I love to get lost amongst in its entirety.  But this track on the Experience album definitely takes you on a journey all of it’s own- flying you directly into the menacing storm clouds, dodging the raindrops as they become fatter and fall harder, then shooting you out into the beautiful rays of sunshine. Do yourself a favour and experience the Prodigy Experience in full if you haven’t yet.

1. Hybrid- Finished Symphony

I have been a fan of this track ever since it was released in 1999, and have been lost in it many a time since then… it definitely has a spacey feel to me- I find myself flying in the outer regions of the galaxy fighting aliens and dodging laser beams when I listen to it. A truly magical song.

So there you have it- my top 10 tracks to lose yourself in. What song sweeps you away, and where does it take you? Leave a comment below to let me know.

4 Comments on “Top 10: Songs to get lost in

  1. A great selection. Two off the top of my head: Bittersweet Symphony – The Verve and Unfinished Sympathy – Massive Attack

  2. Jimi Hendrix but which one? “Axis bold as love” or “If 6 was 9”, so many, he is my freak brother when I get a moment to myself. Also Donny Hathaway “The Ghetto” took me to another place and time, can you dig?

    • Jimi definitely takes you on a journey! Usually a very psychedelic one! And yes- the ghetto is so heartfelt in the lyrics that you can’t help but almost feel like you are down there!