Top 10: Salute To Mothers

If you have ventured into retail-land recently, you would have been accosted by a sea of pink fluffy slippers, flannelette nighties and large boxes of semi-decadent chocolates. Yes, it’s that time of the year again…. Mother’s Day!

I have been repeatedly reminded of this impending date in another way…. every morning for the past two weeks I have been awoken at 6am with a melodic “Happy Mother’s Day!!!” sung into my ear at close range from my 4 year old daughter. Although my momentary discombobulation has me thinking I’ve woken up in Groundhog Day, I’d doubt there’s a sweeter alarm clock on this planet!

Look, I’m not saying that being a mum is all rainbows and lollipops like that. There’s plenty of days where I feel like adding vodka to my morning Berocca. But it’s getting through those challenging days that make motherhood even more rewarding. And when you finally  become a mother you undoubtedly gain a new-found respect for your own mother and all the shit you put her through!

So here’s my toast to all the mums out there… To my friends who are mums, to the fantastic mums who have raised the beautiful people who are now part of my life, and most of all, to my mum, whose inner beauty, passion for life, and endless courage and strength will never be forgotten.

Here’s my Top 10 songs to celebrate mothers everywhere:

10. Mother- Pink Floyd: This haunting track from Floyd’s 1979 seminal album, The Wall, touches on the theme of a domineering mother raising a child that is alienated from society. Beautiful and unnerving all at once.

9. My Mother Was a DJ- Friendly: “Now I wanna tell you a story about myyyyyy family!” What can I say? I wish I could scratch like his mum!

8. Mother Mother- Tracy Bonham: Perhaps the most angst-riddled selection here, and one that I undoubtedly connected most closely with during my “angry” years.

7. Mama Said Knock You Out- LL Cool J: It includes samples from James Brown  and Sly & the Family Stone, and was one of the first songs I ever bought on Cassingle. How could it not be in the list?!

6. Mama Told Me (Not To Come)- Eric Burdon: This blues classic provides an eternal reminder to us all that we should heed our mothers advice a little more often! Originally released in 1967, it was famously funked up in 1970 by Three Dog Night, and given a modern day makeover in 2000 by Stereophics and Tom Jones, but the original remains my favourite.

5. Treat Yo Mama- John Butler Trio: The master of the steel-string guitar reminds us to treat our mothers with respect. Good man…. Great song!

4. Silvia’s Mother- Dr Hook: This song is integrally interwoven with memories of my childhood. Although the lyrics recount the conversation of a jilted man with his ex-girlfriends mother,  I had to include it here as it was a song that my own mother introduced me to and one that still hits a nerve every time I hear it.

3. Mother’s Little Helper- Rolling Stones: The easy-going sing along nature of this song shadowed the darker undertones and themes of mothers that were increasingly turning to prescription medication to deal with everyday life in the late 60s and early 70s. A Stone’s Classic!

2. Gillian- The Waifs: The only one of my top ten selections that doesn’t mention mothers in the title, but provides an intimately personal and beautiful dedication to the value of a mother that cannot be overlooked.

1. Take Your Mama- Scissor Sisters: The second track on their hugely popular 2004 debut album, it makes me feel like singing in a ridiculous falsetto at the top of my voice is completely acceptable, and leaves me wishing that my own mum was still here with me to get drunk on cheap champagne this Mother’s Day!

What song do you think makes a perfect Mother’s Day tribute? Let me know by commenting below.

3 Comments on “Top 10: Salute To Mothers

  1. Ness! I am Clare’s friend :-). I wrote to you after your Mothers Day post last year. I really enjoy your blogspot. It gives me new avenues of musical adventure and I just like the way your writing persona comes over to me :-).

    This year, I assembled your 10 tracks as an album and listened to them on my iPod. It seemed like a motherly thing to do for you that your own mother would have done if she could back in the day.

    I particularly liked ‘My Mother Was a Dee Jay’ which was new one on my horizon. I might even post it for my daughter (who was a bridesmaid with Clare once upon a…). Of course The Waifs is a goody. I’d marry Gillian too. And the sense of joyful biffo in ‘Mama Said Knock You Out’ is good fun.

    I had a brief think about what ‘mother’ tracks I might select but could not readily find a strong theme even though I know a lot of songs about mothers. The only one I came up with that would definitely go in my 10 is ‘Momma Said There’d be Days Like This’ by Dusty Springfield way way way long time since when I was just starting out on buying music. My mother likes it too 🙂

    Happy Mothers Day!

    • Hi Penelope-
      Thanks for your beautiful comments. Nothing gives me more joy than to know that my posts are being read, and more so- enjoyed! Dusty is a great selection for the list- her song Spooky is one of my personal faves! I had almost listed Van Morrison’s song “Days Like This” and just had to check to see if it was a Dusty cover, but actually just a song with same line in the chorus.
      Anyway- thanks again, and best wishes, V. x

  2. As usual your excellent “Soundtrack to my life” update is the only email worth reading, ta luv 🙂 I think I would have to put Lenny Kravitz “Mama Said” in the list, and just cause I like it funky, maybe some Sly and the Family Stone, “Que Sera Sera” or “Family Affair”, one of the two. There ya go, that’s me two bobs worth xoxoxo Hope you have an awesome holiday, love to the family and Happy Mothers Day babe!