Top 10: Inappropriate Funeral Songs

There are certain times in life when we are forced to face our own mortality. There are numerous other times when we assess it simply because we have consumed a large amount of booze. It tends to be during these later moments when our gullets are overflowing with a heady mix of vodka and nostalgia that we may choose to ponder on the perfect ditty for which to exit this world to. This post is not about those types of songs at all… It is not here to debate which version of Hallelujah is best (although clearly Jeff Buckley wins hands down). No- this post is the exact opposite of all that…. It’s my top 10 list of the most inappropriate sings to play at your funeral.

1 Everything is Awesome: Tegan and Sara

The annoyingly catchy ear-worm from last years Lego Movie is certainly not something that you want people hopping around to on a day of mourning….

 2 Happy: Pharrell Williams

Heaven could technically be a room without a roof, but I’d doubt that too many people would actually be happy if this some was played on the day they entered the pearly gates….

3. Born to be Alive: Patrick Hernandez

A great song, but perhaps best saved for another day….

4. I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight: Cutting Crew

Particularly inappropriate for people who may have passed away after suffering a heart attack on the dance floor.

 5. Best Day of My Life: American Authors

The lyrics chant “Please don’t wake me now….” Not much chance of that happening….

6. Another One Bites the Dust: Queen

I actually think this would be a pretty cool funeral song, personally, but then I have been known to have a distinctly black sense of humour….

7. Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again: The Angels

This song could be deemed particularly offensive when coupled with the traditional Australian response to the chorus…..

8. Kickstart My Heart: Motley Crue

Technically it’s a little late for that…..

 9. I Will Survive: Gloria Gaynor

I’ve got all my life to live, And I’ve got all my love to give…. Sorry Gloria, but you don’t make the cut this time!

 10.  Goodbye My Lover: James Blunt

OK- now let’s be honest here… People are already feeling a bit down, a little sad on this day of days. A song like this is really only going to cause additional nausea and onset of full blown depression. Be kind to your funeral guests, I implore you!

 Well- there you have it- my top 10 inappropriate funeral songs! Perhaps you have a few more you could add to the list? Leave me a message and let me know your top picks!


3 Comments on “Top 10: Inappropriate Funeral Songs

  1. This list really appeals to my twisted sense of humor, so good to see Motley Crew make the list, personally, I would have to add “Shout At The Devil” also an excellent morning song in my humble opinion. Here’s a few others to throw at you

    Suicidal Tendencies “You Can’t Bring Me Down”
    Rage Against The Machine “Bullet In The Head”
    Peaches “I Don’t Give A Fuck”
    James Brown “Get Up”
    Robert DeLong “Long Way Down”
    Last but not least dun dun dun dun…..
    Richard Cheese does an brilliant take on Michael Jackson’s classic “Beat It”

    I was also thinking of The Polish Club “Don’t Fuck Me Over” as my wedding song, what do you think? It’s my day right?

    • Awesome additions there Suse! I’m gonna look up that Richard Cheese cover.
      I certainly agree with your wedding song selection- heard you were eloping you secret squirrel you!! I have previously written a Top 10 post for Inappropriate Wedding songs that you may wish to have a look over too!