Spring Serenade

Spring has well and truly sprung, but you’d be forgiven if you were yet to realise that fact. With most areas along the east coast of Australia feeling the effects of an early onset of summer, and winter obviously not getting the email that it is no longer needed in Melbourne, spring has seemingly been waylaid somewhere along the way.

Typically, when I think of spring, my mind is awash with images of green buds, blossoming flowers, windy days and new life. In reality, spring can be a little paradoxical- the onset of warmer weather often leaves me yearning for a summer that is still seemingly an eternity away, and feeling a sense of entrapment when the flirtatiously fleeting warmth is cruelly whisked away and replaced by bitter cold, blustery wind and drizzly rain. Symbolically, spring can be seen as the welcoming of new beginnings and a reminder of the circle of life. It is a season for venturing outdoors, for exploration, digging in the dirt, and for mischievousness.

Now, I don’t know if you’ll believe me, but there have been a number of occasions in years gone by where I have managed to alter the weather with a combination of specifically chosen tunes and tribal-like interpretative dance moves. You could think of me as a suburban Storm if you like. Unlike the X-Men namesake, I have only ever used my powers to induce sunshine- I can’t imagine why I would ever be inclined to whip up a storm… Anyway, this extended cold spell has got me thinking that it might be about time to get some sun shining down on southern Australia and kick the warm spring weather into overdrive.

So without further ado, here is my serenade to spring. The following 25 songs may or may not reference spring, but they all manage to make me feel like spring is here. Play them loud, dance like a maniac, and let’s see if we can’t relocate our spring! Drop me a line if you have any additional suggestions to add to the playlist! Enjoy!

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