Ready Set Go-Set!

goset_postLast Saturday I paid a visit to one of my favourite old haunts- The Espy. My initial disappointment at the apparently long-gone sticky carpets and mutilated foam chairs quickly subsided when I learnt that The Go Set were performing in the front bar that very evening. This was to be my second serendipitous stumbling upon this band… the first time I chanced upon The Go Set was around 8 years ago at the Hi-Fi bar when I purchased tickets to their gig mistakenly thinking they were UK indie-rock outfit The Go Team! I emerged several hours later with a jig in my step, a signed CD in hand and an overwhelming desire to go out and cause some trouble… a new fan was born! Hence my unbridled excitement when (almost literally) once again stumbling upon this 5-piece Melbourne outfit whilst out for a night of shenanigans with two of my favourite partners in crime last weekend.

The Go Set were formed in 2002, fronted by Justin Keenan. With a unique blend of punk rock and Celtic folk, their sound has been eloquently described by Blunt magazine as a cross between “The Pogues and The Clash having a late night jam in a local pub with an endless supply of booze”, but as my mate Bev summed it up simply, “they are like Green Day with bag pipes!” True, but they are also undeniably Australian, no doubt influenced by their pub rock origins. They have toured extensively around Australia and internationally since forming and have released 6 albums, the most recent being self-titled and released in 2012.

The atmosphere imbibed by last Saturday’s venue- a mix of indie cool and blue collar groundedness- set the perfect scene for The Go Set to unleash their unique and relentless rock upon the appreciative crowd. With a fantastic support line-up- the standout for me being McAlpines Fusiliers- it made for an unforgettable night. I have all my fingers crossed that my path may once again collide with The Go Set at some indeterminable time in the future!

Gig Details:
Band: The Go Set
Support Acts: The Stiffys, McAlpines Fusiliers, The Ravines
Venue: The Esplanade Hotel- St Kilda, Melbourne
Date: Saturday 13 April 20-13
More info:

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