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Album Review-
Royal Blood, Royal Blood

I’ve got a confession to make…. I usually try to maintain a balanced musical diet, but recently I’ve been binging on EDM. It all happened quite innocently…. I’d been studiously compiling “The-Best-Party-Playlist-In-The-World” for an upcoming milestone event. I started out fooling around with a little drum’n’bass. Looking back, I now realise that was just a gateway genre… Before I knew it, I was hooked on the heavier stuff- unable to start my day without a hit of dubstep. Yep- I was in deep.

Thankfully, two recent occurrences have helped bring me out the other side of this synth-driven whiteout. Firstly, the party is done and dusted- all that remains of the event are a handful of blurred snapshots, a wig post-styled with what is probably-definitely vodka and soda, and a single blue contact lens (a whole other story entirely).

The second, somewhat more newsworthy occurrence was Royal Blood releasing their debut self-titled album. Read More

Gig Review: Safari Motel
Mornington Peninsula Brewery
Sunday 6th July 2014

Winter has officially blustered in over the past few weeks, forcing many Southerners to don their trakkies and ugg boots and mutate into some sort of couch-bound agoraphobes. Luckily for those of us willing to embrace the cooler climate and additional non fleecy-lined wardrobe stylings it affords us, the Melbourne music scene never goes into hibernation. And so it was on this lazy Sunday afternoon that I ventured down to the Mornington Peninsula Brewery to catch local legends, Safari Motel. The Melbourne 5-piece outfit had temperatures inside the venue soaring as they delivered around three hours of uniquely funked-up covers and instantly likeable originals. Read More

Wedded bliss…. for me, this phrase seems to epitomise the definition of juxtaposition. I suppose it’s because I was never one of those girls who daydreamed about a big white wedding dress and walking down the aisle amidst a flurry of doves… I never bought into that fairytale.

Of course, I am always totally swept up in the emotion of my friends’ wedding days.  But truthfully, I have never wanted it to be me up there saying “I Do”. Thus, I will happily remain ever the bridesmaid, never the bride… Actually, that’s not true either…. I have never been a bridesmaid. Perhaps my propensity for impulsive interpretative dance outbursts makes me too much of a liability for people’s big days. On several occasions in years gone past, however, I have been given the honor of being the wedding playlist coordinator. To me, that’s more of a compliment than asking me to dress the same as 3 or more people at the wedding will ever be! Read More

Gig Review: Art vs Science
The Corner Hotel, Richmond
Thursday 10th April 2014

Back in December 2011, I was lucky enough to catch 3 young guys play what turned out to be my gig of the year down at a local live music venue. That establishment was The Pier Hotel in Frankston. Sadly, The Pier has gone the way of so many other institutions around Melbourne, and no longer supports live music. Thankfully those 3 young guys are still kicking around the traps though. They are better known as Jim, Dan Mac and Dan W, or collectively as Art vs Science. After a 3 year hiatus, they released their long-awaited Create/Destroy EP earlier this month, and have just wrapped up a national tour supporting the release.

With such fond memories of previous live encounters with Art vs Science (including one particularly sweaty Big Day Out rendezvous), my trigger finger was poised on the mouse button and ready for multiple clicks the day the tickets went on sale. With the luxury of a close to home gig no longer on the cards, The Corner Hotel was a worthy substitute for this sold out show. The  relentless rain and even my downgraded designated driver status failed to dampen my spirits for the impending musical mayhem that was about to be unleashed. Read More

Have you noticed that the mornings have suddenly become darker? I have, and I’ve gotta say, I’m not impressed. It’s really just Winter, hovering in the seasonal side wings with that smug little frosty smirk on her face. She feels a perverse joy watching me bid adieu to my pluggers (single, for the record) and other warm weather attire for another 9 months. And even a fleeting thought of her arrival, can cause my mood to spiral downwards into a rabbit-hole that would rival the entrance to Wonderland.  As such, my motivation levels have somewhat waned over the past few weeks… simply getting out of bed in the mornings is suddenly akin to a trip to the dentist, and the thought of pulling on my runners and knocking out a quick 5k is rapidly losing its appeal (not that it ever really sat up there with meeting my friends at the pub for a Friday afternoon drink…) Read More