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Music lovers and casual foot tappers alike are well and truly spoilt for choice these days when it comes to accessing a seemingly infinite musical library. My CD collection once made my friends green with envy- these days even burglars don’t bother stealing my discs! And my digital collection that was once  the highlight of many a house-party is now only loaded when the Internet is down. Not that I’m complaining- over the past few years I have trialed and tested plenty of music streaming services and through a process of elimination, have emerged with several favourites that I use almost daily to feed my musical hunger. Read More

OK- I know what you’re going to say…. but seriously, I just went to have a quick nana-nap- seemed like my eyes were closed for all of 5 seconds, and when I opened them again, I had fallen down the rabbit hole and it took me a whole year to climb back out. To be truthful, I did stay down there a while and cause some mischief with the Hatter and that crazy cat with the big grin, but that’s beside the point. What’s important is that I’m back and ready to talk music!

Since we’re on the topic, let’s talk about the best songs for getting lost in. You know the ones- you close your eyes and you’re swept away to a magical destination, be it a place of adventure or solitude. Sometimes I fly above the clouds, sometimes I float among the colours of the rainbow, and sometimes I frolic with cute white bunnies on freshly cut green grass….. These songs are just a few of my favourites that take me to those dreamy places. Read More

Festival Review: St Jerome’s Laneway Festival
Footscray Community Arts Centre, Melbourne
Saturday 7th February 2015

There are two things I treasure in life…. a solid Sunday session with my mates and hanging out all day in my ugg boots. (These occurrences are generally enjoyed on a grander scale by all present parties when they are mutually exclusive.) On a broader scale, or at least one that involves me contemplating removal of slippers and leaving my house, things that top the Rock-My-World list are live music and hot summer days. And nothing brings those two events together better than a summer music festival.

It’s fair to say that over the years I have racked up A LOT of notches in my festival-going belt. Most festivals leave you with one or two memorable moments- an awesome new band whose set you caught; a particularly hot guy that walked past with his shirt off, etc etc. But every once in a while, the stars align to produce a truly unforgettable festival experience. Such was the case at last weekend’s St Jerome’s Laneway Festival in Melbourne.

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Gig Review: Nick Cave
The Plenary, Melbourne
Wednesday 17th December 2014

As a self-confessed music aficionado, I have an assortment of lists relating to live shows in my little blues book… Seen them; Seen and want to see again; Wouldn’t miss them if they ever got their asses over to Australia; Saw them when drunk and can’t recall the show; and the list goes on.  Up until last week, one artist who has long been high on my “Really ought to have seen them by now” list has been Nick Cave. If the passionate reminiscing of my better half (who has seen Mr Cave in concert not just once, but four times) were anything to go by, then my live list was sporting at least one major gaping hole. He was right…..

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Gig Review: Courtney Barnett
The Corner Hotel
Friday 3rd October 2014

What is it with bands charging exorbitant prices for their live shows these days? I’m the first to admit that witnessing a band play live can bring a new-found love and respect for their musicianship. There are some seminal bands that I have had on my “must see” list for many a year, but if that opportunity happened to arise and the ticket price was $1,000, then chances are you’d find me sipping a Pina Colada on the beach in Fiji and listening to the band’s CD, or kicking back on my couch and watching their Blu-ray disc on my newly purchased surround sound system. Music is meant for the masses, and these bands that think that a $250 starting price for the crappiest tickets in the deepest, darkest echelons of an enormous stadium are just raising revenue for their no-doubt imminent retirement. Read More