Music that Motivates

Have you noticed that the mornings have suddenly become darker? I have, and I’ve gotta say, I’m not impressed. It’s really just Winter, hovering in the seasonal side wings with that smug little frosty smirk on her face. She feels a perverse joy watching me bid adieu to my pluggers (single, for the record) and other warm weather attire for another 9 months. And even a fleeting thought of her arrival, can cause my mood to spiral downwards into a rabbit-hole that would rival the entrance to Wonderland.  As such, my motivation levels have somewhat waned over the past few weeks… simply getting out of bed in the mornings is suddenly akin to a trip to the dentist, and the thought of pulling on my runners and knocking out a quick 5k is rapidly losing its appeal (not that it ever really sat up there with meeting my friends at the pub for a Friday afternoon drink…)

motivation_postAlas, I have already committed myself to the 7km of mud, obstacles and pain generally known as the Spartan Sprint in May, and as such I must maintain a reasonable level of fitness, if only to assist my teammates in the amount of times they have to push my butt over the Berlin walls!

In order to reduce the overall levels of apathy associated with attaining an accelerated heart rate by means other than watching a Ryan Gosling movie, I have compiled a list of motivational tunes that I like to play as I embark upon my evening run/jog/shuffle. The compilation includes songs carefully selected from my own library and a number of little gems suggested from my music-loving mates. Each has been carefully all-terrain tested during multiple exercise outings to ensure it elicits the right amount of endorphin-related results. The list is divided into two sections, with the first half being devoted to rock-based tunes, and beats more than ably assisting in maintaining the momentum on the home stretch.  I find it equally adept at motivating me when listened to at home if I am procrastinating over vacuuming the house as it is at keeping me going when my legs turn to jelly and my mind is screaming to stop halfway through my jog.

So if the cooler weather and darker mornings are dampening your spirits too, then feel free to give this playlist a test drive. Whilst you’re at it, leave a comment below and let me know which songs help to motivate you.

One Comment on “Music that Motivates

  1. Hi Vanessa,

    Can’t believe you left out both Get Me To The Church On Time and … Physical!

    Maybe it’s an age thing.