It’s Only Rock’n’Roll (but I love you)*

mikey_post There’s no doubt that from the beginning, it was our mutual love of music that ignited the spark that proceeded to light the fire in my heart that burns to this day. We sat there in that booth, surrounded by people but hearing only each others stories- stories about bands we’ve seen live, bands we love, bands we wish were still around…. You took me to see Spiderbait play at the Corner Hotel for our first date- I even held back my best dance moves so as not to intimidate you with my awesomeness!

Our tastes in music were different- you were into heavy metal and taught me to appreciate the multifaceted appeal of Master of Puppets. I was into dance and enlightened you on the differences between drum n bass, trance, breakbeat and progressive house. Our mutual love of rock’n’roll was the middle ground and it was here that we were able to lose ourselves for hours on end- playing track after track of our favourite tunes- sometimes taking the other by surprise by revealing a gem that had previously lay undiscovered.

When it looked like things were getting serious, I made you a mix tape of my favourite tunes- stuff that I thought you might dig based on what I had learnt of you so far, and stuff that would make me look inevitably cooler and hipper just by association. It was the first of many mix tapes I would make for you over the years, each one an opening of my heart and showing of my affection.

A true sign that we were both truly committed to each other came when we finally merged our vinyl collections, spending a night laying them out and placing them into alphabetical order- comparing duplicates to see which cover and album were in the most pristine condition. I had no doubt that you were jealous of my complete collections of both Rod Stewart and Neil Diamond… you are, after all, only human. Friday nights were all about drinking vodka, playing Aseeducee and battling over whose selection was up next on the turntable.

Over time, I copied all of your CDs onto hard drive and combined our collections into a library that would make most music fans green with envy. I even taught you how to use iTunes, but was never surprised to come home and find you trawling the CD racks for 5 discs to play on your stacker. A natural aversion to technology prolonged your inevitable switch to the digital arena and even today, I have to smile when I watch the intensity of your selections when creating a playlist on the PC.

Somewhere along the line a couple of kids gatecrashed our party, resulting in a dramatic decline in the number of late night rock concerts we attended, but conversely allowing us to impart our love of music upon these drooling blank canvases. It was definitely a proud parenting moment when I walked in on the kids happily eating their dinner and singing We Will Rock You by Queen in perfect unison.

It’s been 9 years now since we set off on this journey together- we’ve rocked our way through good times and tough times, and we’ve rolled out the other end stronger than ever. The memories of our times together are all accompanied by a beautiful soundtrack. I can’t wait to listen to the music that’s still to come.

Happy 40th Birthday Mikey! You Rock!

(* Alternative title for this post- The Speech I Should’ve Made At Your Birthday Last Weekend)

2 Comments on “It’s Only Rock’n’Roll (but I love you)*

  1. All you need is love! I hope that song makes it onto your mushy soundtrack! I nearly cried reading your ode to Mikey Boy. What a beautiful tribute to life’s joy, sharing xoxo I have started Ava off on an eclectic mix of classic material by The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Salmonella Dub, Credence Clearwater, Etta James, Hilltops etc.. but she seems to be particularly fond of Bettye La Vette? One of my best mates also gave her a Jimi Hendrix biography for bed time at 2 weeks old to get her on the right track, its going to be sooo much fun playing music to my baby, no doubt she will idolise her older cousins big city grooves. Sorry I missed your frigging awesome party, great night by all accounts, give Mikey a big 40th birthday hug from us and love to the ankle bitters xoxo