Easter Treats

Being the music aficionado that I am, I tend to believe that there is a perfect playlist for every situation. This concept has been most commonly embraced by the general public to commemorate seasonal holidays and  festivities. There are numerous songs that can be played in celebration of one’s birthday, for example. The same can be said for Christmas, with a slew of both traditional and modern odes to help you get into the festive spirit.

But with a week to go until we gorge ourselves on chocolate eggs, I am inclined to feel a little sorry for poor old Easter. I mean, can you readily name any Easter songs …at all? Has Elton John taken the time out to salute this holiday that is so momentous that it runs over 4 days?! And really, why couldn’t Wham have written “Last Easter I Gave You My Heart?”

Easter is well and truly the red headed stepchild in the musical tribute family. Well, I plan to make a change to that… I say let us raise our hearts and voices and sing out in celebration of Easter. In honor of my crusade, I have embarked upon an Easter inspired melody hunt and found a basket full of lyrical eggs ready to be cracked open and enjoyed this Easter season.

Perhaps you can add a few suggestions yourself and we can unite in making Easter the melodically celebrated event it deserves to be.

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