If you have stumbled upon this site and are thinking to yourself, what’s all this about then, we’ll here’s a summary of topics you could expect to read about:

  • My favourite music- new and old
  • How music sets the mood
  • Music and memories
  • Favourite musicians books and quotes
  • Gigs and festival reviews
  • Vinyl rewind

Of course, these are but a few of the plethora of topics that maybe covered within the pages of this site.


From a young age, it was undoubtedly apparent to me that music was a driving force in my life, ingrained deep within my psyche. Sitting enthusiastically by the record player wondering what little gems my mother or grandmother would play next. Impressing my school friends with an uncanny ability to lyrically mash-up the hippest 80′s tracks. I taught myself piano at 5 and pestered my mother until she allowed me to go on and learn the violin, drums and guitar. Throughout life, even in the quietest moments, my head is filled with music. It’s what gets me by- makes me happy, makes me sad, makes me remember, helps me to forget. My life is a soundtrack and within this blog, you shall bear witness to my greatest hits!

If music is an integral part of your life also, then join me for a musical interlude and subscribe to my blog!